Inability to distinguish between truth & lies makes people with autism more vulnerable, says study

People on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are unable to tell the difference between truth and lies. This puts them at greater risk of being manipulated, says a study done by a team of researchers in United Kingdom.

The team from the University of Kent, found that the lie detection ability is significantly lower in people with a full autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

The more the autism traits, the poorer the ability to spot the deception.

The team did experiments with participants showing varying degrees of ASD. They compared them to people who did not show patterns of thought or behaviour linked to autism.

People who were diagnosed with autism and people from the general population with a high number of ASD traits found it difficult to spot the deceit, even when there were cues available.

The team said that it is important to consider whether people with autism should be trained to detect behavioural indicators of lying.

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