HelpAge India hosts a 4-day workshop on using smartphones for senior citizens!

HelpAge India recently organized a four-day workshop in Chennai for senior citizens on How to use Smart phones. More than 35 senior citizens signed up for the course.

Most of the elderly people were eager to use the apps that are available on the smart phones.

82-year-old Padma Sudarshan was super excited about the workshop. Padma, who did her Ph.D at the age of 70, and authored a book at 80, just cannot wait to venture into the world of smartphones. She was using her daughter’s mobile at the workshop. She said she would buy her own device once she knew more about how to use smartphones and the apps in it.

Padma loves to travel alone. She is keen to use Uber, Ola, and Whatsapp. She asserts that once she learns to use them, she does not have to rely on anyone else.

73-year-old Jessie Rajasekharan has been the owner of a smartphone since the last three years. But she uses it only to make calls. Now that she has come to know about the latest apps that are of immense help, Jessie decided to give it a try!

An official from HelpAge India said that the four-day classes are extremely beneficial to senior citizens.

On the first day, the elderly are taught how to switch on their phones and send text messages. One the second day, they are introduced to apps like Uber, Ola, Whatsapp and online shopping apps. The third day is exclusively for online banking and mobile wallets. On the fourth day, they are taught how to pay utility bills.

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