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Disability does not stop this Kerala girl from aiming for the stars!

May 25, 2018

Latheesha Ansari from Erumeli in Kerala is 2 ft tall and weighs just 14 kg. She suffers from a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta(OI), or Brittle Bone Disease.

Latheesha's bones are extremely weak, fragile, and easily breakable. But that has not broken the spirits of this young post-graduate and keyboard player!

Latheesha has completed her M.Com in flying colours. She also takes part in keyboard competitions, thanks to the constant support of her parents!

Ansari, Latheesha's father, runs a hotel chain in Erumeli. He is extremely proud of his daughter's achievements.

Ansari says that children are a gift of God. Whether they have a disability or not, does not matter. He adds that special children are not given an opportunity to explore the world like others. Society must stop sidelining them.

Latheesha needs support to move around because of mobility issues. Ansari, who is Latheesha's main support system, takes her everywhere.

Even though Latheesha has tried applying for jobs in many companies, no one will hire her. She says that determining the skills and talent of a person on the basis of their disability is unfair.

Latheesha has faced near-death experiences many times due to her disease. But she has come out of them successfully!

This young girl is a superstar in her neighbourhood. Latheesha conducts tuitions for children near her home. She even teaches them computers. Her will power and determination to achieve things is truly an inspiration. Latheesha aims to be a district collector some day!

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