Worry grows as Nipah virus spreads from Kerala to Karnataka

Two people are suspected to be infected with the brain-damaging Nipah virus in Karnataka. They are currently under treatment.

The rare virus has killed 11 people in neighbouring Kerala, where doctors are struggling to manage the spread of the deadly disease.

Signs of the virus showed up in a 20-year-old woman and a 75-year-old man in Mangalore after they travelled to Kerala and made contact with infected patients.

The patients are being treated and samples of their blood have been sent for screening.

The Nipah virus has signs like breathing trouble, brain swelling, fever, headache, drowsiness, disorientation and delirium. A patient can fall into coma within 48 hours. It travels through direct contact with a patient.

Nipah is a rare virus spread by fruit bats and has no cure yet.

The World Health Organization has named Nipah as one of the eight priority diseases that could cause a global epidemic.

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