Are you depressed? Here are 6 symptoms that you must not ignore

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. This condition negatively affects your thoughts, the way you feel, think or act. Studies have revealed that millions of people across the world suffer from depression. If untreated, depression can cause many serious health hazards.

Some days, we all feel a little low. This can be due to problems in the family, with friends or at work. But if you feel that your moodiness stays for longer, or more than two weeks, do not hesitate to seek clinical help.

If detected and diagnosed early, depression can be cured and treated.

Here are 6 symptoms that are often seen in depressed people.

  • Low mood, regularly- Some days, every one tends to feel slightly low. But make sure that it does not last long.
  • Difficulty in eating or sleeping- Depressed people tend to eat too much or too less. The same applies to sleeping as well. If you think that you are over doing or doing it less, seek clinical help. This is one of the main symptoms of depression.
  • Lack of interest in activities- There are certain daily activities that everyone engages in. It can be playing a sport, running or even hitting the gym. If you lack interest in any of these, keep a track of your mental health.
  • Sense of hopelessness- Depressed people tends to feel hopeless and unwanted. This is definitely not a good sign.
  • Lack of focus and concentration- Depressed people are always disturbed. Their mind will constantly be working on unnecessary issues. Only a healthy mind can focus and concentrate.
  • Low energy- A person must always remain fit to have a healthy mind and body. If you feel that you lack energy and that it lasts for longer, get medical help.

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