Here are ways to beat the summer heat!

Temperatures are soaring high. Many people in North India have lost their lives to the terrible heat. Many are admitted in hospitals and are under watch by doctors. Temperatures are extremely high in New Delhi since the past few weeks.

Experts say that people need to take care of their health before high temperatures affect their health.

Doctors say that beggars and labourers are worst affected by extreme heat. Senior citizens, children and patients who go outdoors are also affected. Doctors say that if a person feels uncomfortable due to heat, they must immediately take cover or protection.

The best way to beat the heat is by drinking a lot of water. This is the healthiest and most economic way.

But doctors also request people to be careful while buying juices and water from street vendors. Experts say that this can lead to gastroenteritis. Many people, over the last few weeks, have been complaining of this disease.

It is always best to carry your own juices or water so that you are not affected by water-borne diseases. Make sure that water is boiled to the right temperature as well.

Fungal allergies are common during summer. Make sure that you do not experience a sudden change in climate as well.

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