Geeta shortlists 15 marriage proposals, sets conditions for candidates

Geeta, the deaf and speech impaired young woman who made news after she came back to India from Pakistan, has shortlisted 15 marriage proposals. She went through 26 proposals of suitable matches that had been shortlisted by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Of the 15 candidates shortlisted by her, seven are deaf and speech impaired. One is physically disabled. The rest of the candidates do not have a disability.

The men shortlisted are mostly from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Most of them are working professionals. Among them is an author from Gujarat, who is writing a book on the life of a disabled girl.

Geeta has put up a condition that the shortlisted candidates have to complete a diploma course in sign language before marrying her. Another condition is that groom will have to take a vow during the marriage ceremony to help her search for her parents.

Geeta, who is presently in Indore, was brought from Pakistan after she wandered into that country 14 years ago.

Police verification report of the shortlisted candidates will also be done. The bio-data of the 15 men will be sent to the government for verification and consent.

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