Visually impaired student from Coimbatore scores over 96% in class 10 exam

S Sabari Venkat, a 15-year-old visually-impaired student from Coimbatore has scored over 96% in his Class 10 exams. Sabari opted to study Humanities as it allowed him to work independently without relying on scribes.

He believes that studying sociology and humanities will better his prospects. Sabari says he used several read-aloud and recording software for studying. He has been giving motivational speeches from the time he was in Class 1 and travels across India to share his wisdom.

Sabari wants to become a civil servant or a businessman as he believes that such positions could allow him work independently.

Sabari credits his parents and teachers for their support. He has also asked that disabled people be given support and encouragement by the public at large.

He believes that disabled people have unique talents and can achieve success if given the right support.

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