How to stop yourself from ruminating!

Do you some time get overpowered by a single thought and can’t get it out of your mind!! Well there is a name for this process of repeating of thoughts and it’s called rumination.

If the thoughts are pleasant and positive, there is no harm in thinking about them over and over again. However, most times the repeated thoughts are those of worry and concerns.

Thinking negative thoughts all the time can soon lead to depression and create a unhealthy state of mind.

Here is some more information about rumination that can help us avoid being caught in the web of repeated thoughts.

Causes behind rumination

• Emotional or physical trauma history

• Believing that overthinking will help you

• Facing uncontrollable stressful situations.

How to handle the thoughts and control rumination

  1. The most important tip is to keep yourself distracted. This can be done by keeping yourself physically busy.

  2. Indulge in different activities that can keep your mind away from the repeated thoughts. Listen to music, watch movie, read a book, start cleaning your room or may be cook a new dish.

  3. Accept that you have a problem and overthinking will not help get rid of it. Make a plan to train your brain and follow it.

  4. Rethink your life goals and how you wish to achieve them. Seek more information and gain knowledge as that will open new doors for you.

  5. Keep faith in yourself and be proud of your life. We all face problems in life and time keeps changing continuously.

  6. Talk to others about the issues you are going through. This will not only help you feel better but may also help find solutions and ideas.

  7. Be aware of the effects that overthinking may cause. It is vital to understand your own strengths and make the best of them.

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