What is the average baby weight!

When a baby is born a common question asked is about the birth weight.

How much did the baby weigh at the time of birth?

The weight is measured and documented by the medical staff at the time of delivery and is an important indicator of health.

• A baby born full term with an average weight of around 3.2 kg is considered healthy and normal birth weight.

• Birth Weight more than 4 kg is considered high birth weight and may indicate chances of obesity as the baby grows up.

• Low Birth Weight is considered in cases when the baby weighs less than 2.5 kg.

Birth weight can help identify the health of the baby at the time of birth and can call for further medical action if the weight is not normal.

Some factors behind birth weight

  1. Improper nutrition taken by the mother during her pregnancy has a direct effect on the health of the baby. Women are advised to avoid alcohol, smoking and illegal meds for the duration of their pregnancy.

  2. The weight of the parents is also a factor that may affect the weight of the baby. If the parents are either skinny or short, the baby will be also be smaller in size as compared to other babies.

  3. If the mother puts on too much weight during the pregnancy, the baby may also have a higher than normal birth weight.

If the baby is below the average birth weight, doctors may recommend certain precautions and care.

Parents are advised about breastfeeding and also keeping a close eye on the development of the baby overtime.

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