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Artificial Intelligence helps detect blindness in babies effectively, says study

A study by the Oregon Health and Science University has found that artificial intelligence seems to perform better than human doctors, when it comes to the diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). ROP is a major cause of childhood blindness around the world.

The AI method is accurate 91% of the time. Compare this to experts in ROP, who were found to be accurate 82% of the time!

Many children around the world go undiagnosed and the study could help prevent blindness in more babies with ROP. The disease is usually diagnosed by using a magnifying device that shines light into the baby's dilated eye.

There is a major shortage of experts who are trained and willing to diagnose ROP, say experts. The AI method puts the knowledge of skilled ophthalmologists into a mathematical model. This helps give an timely and accurate diagnosis.

ROP is caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels near the retina. It is common in premature babies. Musician Stevie Wonder's blindness was caused by the condition.

Physicians examine the vessels of the retina at the back of eyes to find out whether a patient has ROP.

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