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Helping children with autism have a good time during the vacations

May 28, 2018

Spending fun time with children is vital for their overall development and growth. For children with autism, play time can also be made fun and productive.

Some simple considerations can make playtime fun and educational for children with autism.

  1. When planning an activity, make a detailed plan and discuss it beforehand with the child. Telling them about what to expect can help them feel comfortable during the activity

  2. Tell the child about how the day will go, laying out the highlights of the schedule. This is important for them.

  3. Routines are important to children with autism and it is advisable to stick to them. Follow the routine every day in vacations, such as waking up on the same time, taking meals.

  4. Do the activities as a team. Children are encouraged when the family does activities together.

  5. Appreciate the children when they do well. A little praise goes a long way in making them feel good about themselves and taking more interest in the activities.

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