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Disability is no hurdle for these high scorers in CBSE class 12 exams

The results for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 exams are out.

Many disabled students from across India have passed out with flying colours, proving that disability is no barrier if one is willing to work hard.

Among the high scorers is 18-year-old Rashmi Maruvada, a blind student who scored 85.4% from the arts group. That too, in the first attempt! Rashmi studied in a mainstream school and used assistive technology to write her exams.

Rashmi used the Braille system to answer questions for the exam. During classes, she used to take down the notes from teachers using a recorder. Her projects were completed on her laptop using a software that helped her to read and tell her what she wanted. She ensured that she does her studies and class work independently.

The young girl has scored high marks in all the subjects for her class 12 exams.

18-year-old Agan Dua has cerebral palsy, but that does not stop him from dreaming big. He scored 90.6% and is all set to chase his dreams.

A huge fan of cricket, Agam has always scored high in math, accounts, and economics, even in class tests. He is known as a walking cricket encyclopaedia amongst his friends.

Agam has always aimed for a 90% in his 12th board exam. He is glad that he got a few marks more! His family is very excited for the young boy who just made them all proud.

Lavanya Jha, who has low vision, scored a 97.4% in the disabled category for the Class 12 CBSE board exams.

Jha always used studying aids and had to hold her notebook very close in order to read.

Jha says that classes used to be tiring for her. But she has made sure that she works hard to get the 90% which she has always aimed for.

She adds that her family has always been supportive and made sure that she gets all that she wants.

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