Death toll due to Nipah virus in Kerala rises to 14

A woman who was undergoing treatment at Kozhikode Medical College in Kerala for Nipah virus passed away on Saturday. The death toll due to Nipah in Kerala has now risen to 14.

Nearly 30 people are under observation, and 200 patients are being treated in different hospitals across Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala.

Most of the deaths have been reported from Kozhikode district while the rest are from nearby district Malappuram.

Kerala government has already sent five professionals to Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi to know more about the treatment for Nipah.

Initially, experts pointed out Nipah were transmitted to humans from fruit bats that are infected. But reports have suggested that the suspected fruit bats did not have the infection.

A team of medical experts from Pune are visiting Kozhikode in order to know more about how Nipah virus has been transmitted. They are trying to look into whether Nipah is transmitted to humans from animals.

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