World Health Organization confirms that snake bites are a global concern

The World Health organization (WHO) said that snake bites are one of the diseases that are neglected the most in tropical areas across the world.

According to reports, more than one lakh people from across the world die of snake bites. The WHO is trying find out different medicines and methods to treat snake bites.

People are left with different kinds of disabilities due to poisonous snake bites. Blindness and amputation of some part of the body are few of the most common ones. People in countries at sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia are the most affected.

Most of them do not have access to good treatments due to their economic background. People living in rural areas are most vulnerable.

The WHO says that more than five million people from across the world are bitten by snakes every year. But the venom is injected inside the body of only half the cases.

The WHO says it is developing a strategy for treatment of snake bites. This strategy can be followed by countries across the world.

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