Simple steps to keep brain sharp and active

Experts claim that keeping the brain active may help prevent dementia as we grow old. Keeping the brain active means using it more often in ways that involve more and more brain functions.

Maintaining Health

  1. Regular physical exercises can keep our brain more active and healthy. Exercise helps release chemicals in the brain that help the brain feel happier and healthy.

  2. Getting enough sleep is also important as the brain likes to follow a sleep pattern. When the sleep routine is disturbed or insufficient, we feel tired and low n energy and the mind refuses to stay active.

  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as these habits are harmful for the sharpness of the mind.

  4. Eat a healthy diet and take care of yourself.

Here are some ideas that can be followed to ensure that our brain is learning new things and getting sharper.

  1. Keep learning new things as often as you can. This can be done by reading and gaining knowledge or by indulging in new skills yourself.

  2. Learning new hobbies and skills ensures the expansion of the brain and keeps it active.

  3. Challenge yourself and try to recall old memories using senses such as smell or taste.

  4. Brain does not become weak as you age. All you need to do is to trust your capability and not accept myths that claim that old people are dull.

  5. Take interest in life and the changes around you. Talking to young people is a great way of learning ew ideas and feeling energized.

  6. Push yourself to do better each day and do not give up while learning new tasks such as using a smart phone, TV remote, Computers.

  7. Solve puzzles, do crosswords, draw and paint from memory, play chess, meet new people, to make full use of the brain power.

  8. Keep practicing and ensure that you do not fall into the habit of not trying.

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