How to manage resistance to care by your parents & grandparents

Elderly people are not always happy about being dependent on others.

As they age, they find it hard to look after themselves and are not always open to offers of help.

It also becomes challenging for elderly people to perform daily tasks.

Old age comes with medical and health problems. In some cases, it also causes disability. The change in the physical and mental capabilities can make elderly people feel frustrated, and at times, bitter.

When this happens, they resist help from family and caregivers. This can complicate matters. for everyone.

Here is some information that can be used to manage resistance to care.

  1. Communication is key to resolving such issues. Talk to your elderly parents or grandparents about how you care for them and love them.

  2. Explain to them the need for care and why you wish to help them. They need to be kept safe and attended to by others for their own benefit.

  3. Older family members may feel too embarrassed while getting help. Help them feel comfortable by involving them in the planning of a daily routine for care.

  4. Take their feedback about what they want and how they wish to be helped.

  5. Your parents or grandparents may be concerned about the costs involved in getting care. Take the trouble to relieve them of their concerns.

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