Family of Mumbai child paralyzed in fall seeks financial help

Vijay Bhanushali's life has changed since his six-year-old son Mithil fell from the second floor of a building in Mumbai. His son was playing when he fell and was severely injured, with his head bleeding profusely.

Doctors recommended immediate brain surgery given the nature of the injuries. The surgery saved Mithil's life, but has left him paralyzed. The left side of his body is completely immobile given the damage to his brain.

Mithil, who was a talkative child, now no longer speaks. His parents say that he is scared of being in the hospital, but the boy cannot go home yet as he has many tests and physiotherapy to undergo.

His family needs Rs 10 lakh for his treatment. They are worried as they don't have the financial means to put the amount together. Mithil's father is a salesman and earns just Rs. 10,000 per month. He has to provide for a family of five members and has used up his savings on hospital bills.

Doctors say Mithil will take about six months more to recover from this accident, if he gets regular physiotherapy sessions. These sessions cost money, but the family is unable to afford it.

They are trying to raise the money through online fundraising platform, Ketto. The family has requested people to help support Mithil with donations as only that can save his life.

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