Exercise helps to fight addictions, says new study

Today, drug abuse is one of the most common issues amongst youngsters. Many young people have lost their lives due to this. Over the years, studies have proved how physical exercises help to stay healthy. A recent study has proved that exercises can help fight different kinds of addictions!

Researchers from a university in the United States confirmed that aerobic exercises has a huge impact on the brain. These impacts are good for supporting treatments to fight different addictions.

A researcher from the team said that aerobic exercise has been effective in fighting addictions for alcohol, nicotine, stimulants and opioids. They are exploring the neurobiological mechanisms that lead to changes in the body.

Dopamine is associated with substance abuse. It affects the mesolimbic dopamine in the brain.

Cardio or aerobic exercises are the ones that increase heart rate, breathing and circulation of oxygen in the blood. These can cause various diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and even arthritis.

Exercise can help also reduce mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and stress. Experts are looking into different ways to how they can help treat addictions in people with the help of exercises.

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