Madras High Court considers quota for disabled people to run milk booths in Madurai

You cannot miss the Aavin milk booths located across Tamil Nadu. Its a trademark milk brand that is marketed by the government. Aavin milk and milk products are a familiar sight across the state.

Now, in a major move, the Madras High Court is looking at how disabled people can start their own Aavin booths in the city of Madurai. The court has directed the principal secretary and department for the welfare of disabled persons to consider allotting a certain percentage of booths to disabled people.

The High Court was hearing a plea by a petitioner, who said that the move would help disabled people to lead an independent life. Allotting a certain percentage of Aavin booths will help them achieve financial independence and live well.

The High Court has taken up the matter seriously. Hopefully, it will not take much time before one sees Aavin milk booths manned by disabled people across Madurai, and perhaps across the state.

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