Are you losing hair and going bald!

Although looks are just superficial and a good personality is more important, we are all afraid of going bald.

Hair loss is normal and takes place all through our lives. Both men and women lose hair, but baldness is more common in men.

The earlier you notice the sign of baldness, you can start to take corrective steps and protect what is left.

Here is some information about the early signs that could indicate that you are going bald.

  1. If you notice more than normal hair left on the pillow or in the shower, it could mean that the head is losing hair faster. Everyone loses hair which are replaced by new hair. When speed of replacement is less than the hair fall, chances of baldness increase.

  2. If clumps of hair come out during combing, it indicates excessive loss of hair.

  3. An itchy or dry scalp also leads to dandruff and hair fall. A healthy scalp is vital for keeping hair growing on the head.

  4. When hair roots become weak and hair takes up longer grow baldness starts to appear.

  5. If other members of the family have history of baldness, it increase your chances of going bald as genes have some effect on hair.

What can you do?

There are several options that you can follow.

  1. Consider accepting the prospect of going bald. Remember it is your attitude that matters and many people rock a bald head!

  2. Consult a dermatologist about the hair fall. There are several medical conditions that cause hair fall and can be treated.

  3. Lack of healthy and nutritious diet and unhealthy habits like smoking can also affect hair. You can start making changes to your lifestyle.

  4. Stress and over thinking also causes hair fall, try and de-stress to retain your hair.

  5. Some people also take cosmetic treatments such as hair implants or use wigs.

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