Loss of vision can be a reason and consequence of prolonged stress, says new study

A blind person or someone with low vision is definitely stressed. They have many things running through their mind about the present and future. Too much of stress is never good for mental and physical health. What happens to a person when stress becomes prolonged and life long?

A group of researchers recently conducted a study which proved that vision loss and stress are interrelated. The study was conducted by a group of Indian and German scientists. Prolonged mental stress can be a consequence of vision loss and vice versa.

Continuous stress and cortisol levels have a negative impact on the eyes and brain. Stress can be a reason and consequence for vision loss.

Experts also point out that the process of diagnosing and treatment for vision loss can also cause stress in people. They have constant fear and anxiety. They experience difficulties in carrying on day to day activities like reading and even walking!

They are many various to beat this stress. Meditation, music therapy, anxiety management, social support and brain stimulation are some of the ways to calm down.

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