Baby Steps app may help detect very early signs of autism

Wouldn't you like to know as early as possible whether or not your child has autism? Especially given that early detection and intervention makes a key difference in treatment? Well, there is a new app that is being developed that promises to do just that.

The app is called Baby Steps and it is being developed by a team at the University of Iowa in the United States. its aim? To detect autism in children even before a baby's birth. Currently, autism is diagnosed when the child is around two years of age.

Through Baby Steps, researchers hope to identify early risk factors for autism. This way they can begin treatment and look at intervention options even earlier.

Using the app is quite simple. When you first open Baby Steps, you are asked details about your pregnancy, such the term you are in and the due date.

Next step is to create a baby book, online.

Baby Steps lets you see your baby's development during the first two years of it's life. The user of the app will then need to track key events after the birth. Things like when he or she can walk, talk, or play simple games.

Baby Steps will also let a user record videos of their baby and document important milestones like their smile or their first words

The data collected from the app will be recorded by the team at the Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa.

This will give the team the information needed to help families who have a baby diagnosed with autism, earlier.

The University of Iowa hopes to have at least 13,000 women throughout the state of Iowa participating for this app. Within five years they will be able to present their findings.

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