Bengaluru boy with Asperger syndrome who struggled with school life, scores 73.6% in Class 10 exam

Just a little understanding and support can help a child with a disability find his space and excel in any situation. Aryan Avasthi's story proves exactly that. This Bengaluru boy, who has Asperger syndrome, has cleared his Class 10 CBSE exam with 73.6%.

A remarkable achievement given how much Aryan has struggled his entire academic life. Asperger syndrome, which is a developmental disorder, has affected Aryan's ability to socialise effectively and communicate.

His family gives the credit for his achievement to the staff at his school, The Orchid School in Baner. His mother say that the school treated Aryan like an equal. The school has a counselling group which held frequent sessions with Aryan to help him take the exam.

His parents say that Aryan finds social communication difficult, gets restless, and needs special attention. When he was first taken to the exam hall, he hated it. It was only after he shown the place where he would take his exam separately that he calmed down.

Aryan does not find it hard to understand questions. What he struggles with is communicating the answers. He could not figure out which question needed how much work, something the counselling sessions helped him figure out.

Aryan's highest marks was in the subject Information Technology, where he scored 95%. He wants to study this further.

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