Group of Indian researchers find new clues about Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s is one of the most common diseases that affect a person during old age. There are no medicines or a specific treatment for Parkinson’s. Experts have not even been able to point out the exact reason to why a person gets affected by Parkinson’s disease. But they have asserted that aggregation of a protein called alpha synuclein plays an important role in developing Parkinson’s.

A group of Indian researchers have found out that alpha synuclein oligomers can be one of the reasons for development of Parkinson’s disease. The aggregation pathway of this protein is something that the researchers will have to find out after intense research and study.

Researchers say that it is possible to monitor the aggregation pathway through different scientific methods.

Researchers hope that they can use this new study to create medicines that will help in curing Parkinson’s disease. They are getting in-depth into the study which has been funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

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