5 ways to help a person with depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. More than millions of people from across the globe are affected by depression.

Most of the people ignore symptoms of depression and do not take medical help. Studies have proved that untreated depression can even lead to even suicide!

Do you know someone who is depressed and is having a tough time? Here are five ways to them.

Do not offer advice

When someone is going through heartache, we all tend to give advice. But it really does not help a depressed person. Studies have proved that depressed people will only feel insulted and detached if unwanted advice is given. When a person asks for help, listen instead of advising.

Be patient

Patience is one of the best things that you can offer your loved ones who are undergoing a tough time. Patience gives them hope and makes them feel better. They know that you shall stick on to them, no matter what!

Do not make comparisons

Not everyone has undergone depression or knows what it is to feel depressed. Do not make comparisons. A depressed person will appreciate empathy more than sympathy.

Try and learn more about depression

This way, you can offer all the help from your side to your loved one. Understand the symptoms, treatment and cure for depression. Depression is not static. With good medical help, depression can be treated.

Do not be tough

Many people feel that being tough on a loved one when they are undergoing a hard time will help them. That is not true. Love and understanding can heal a broken heart. Stick on to your loved one and make sure that they are feeling better.

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