Salman Khan to launch close friend's son in films

Salman Khan has announced on Twitter that he is launching a new face in Bollywood. He shared an old photo of a little boy piggybacking him and wrote:

Being launched tomorrow. Kal dekhte hai yeh ladka aaj kaise dikhta hai (Tomorrow we’ll see what he looks like today) - Salman Khan

He shared details of the newcomer, who is called Zaheer Iqbal as well. Salman said that he saw Zaheer dance at his sister's wedding and decided to give him a break.

Salman plans to produce a love story, set in the backdrop of Kashmir. It will star Zaheer opposite a new female lead.

Salman is currently in the process of launching his brother-in-law, Ayush Sharma and several other people in films.

Salman has been personally been involved in Zaheer’s training as well. He said that Zaheer's father, Iqbal was Salman’s 'bank' as a teen and that he still owes him Rs 2,011.

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