Superstar Rajinikanth gives ₹2 lakh each to people killed in Sterlite plant protests

Superstar Rajinikanth has come to the rescue of the families of 13 people who were killed during Sterlite plant protests in Tamil Nadu.

He gave away a sum of ₹2 lakh each to the families killed in police firing.

Rajinikanth, who has already announced his plans to join politics, blamed the current state government of failing to protect the people.

He also said that some anti-social elements had joined the peaceful protest and turned it violent. This led the police to open fire on the protesters.

Rajnikanth met the people who were injured during the protest. He handed out a check of Rs 10,000 to each of the 48 injured people.

Rajinikanth also said that he is against any kind of assault or attack on policemen.

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