This boy gave his class 10 exams standing & scored 93.4%!

Imagine having to spend over 12 hours in a day standing. Ashmeet Bhatnagar from Jaipur has a medical condition that means he has to spend large parts of the day doing just that. Despite the condition, the 16-year-old has done very well in his class 10 exams.

Ashmeet, who scored 93.4% marks took all his papers standing!

That’s right! This amazing student gave all his exams standing up. He has a medical condition called myositis ossificans, that makes it difficult for him to sit.

The result is an indication of Ashmeet’s mental strength, will power, and dedication to studies.

Because of the medical condition, Ashmeet has to either stand or lie down as his hip bone joints are stiff and do not bend or fold.

His school has made a special table for Ashmeet so that he could take his exams standing.

Ashmeet plans to pursue commerce and become a government officer.

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