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The new Axel electronic device will help blind people move around freely!

There are millions of blind people across the world. One of the biggest hardships that they face is moving from one place to another freely. Over the years, many inventions have been made to make lives of blind people easier. But here is something novel created by a duo who lives in two separate parts of the world!

15 year old Axel Toro Vega who lives in Puerto Rico and 18 year old Jane Hantanto from Indonesia have created a unique hand band that can help blind people mobilise easily! The Axel electronic device was revealed at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the United States.

Axel electronic device uses ultrasound in order to help people know things happening around them. The device does not use high sounds. It uses reasonable frequency so that the user does not get affected by the high sound.

A stamp size computer chip controls the ultrasound from the device. The sound waves travel from the device and bounce back to the receiver. It calculates the time that is required to bounce back to return. The faster it bounces back, the closer the object is.

The device has already been tested on many blind people. Even though the Axel device is not yet perfect, its inventors are working on it to make it ideal for blind users!

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