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Technology giants Apple, Microsoft collaborate to create a Human Interface Design for Braille users

The World Health Organization has reported that there are more than 253 million blind people across the globe. Hence, catering to needs of the blind is very important for development of all societies. It is high time that the best technologies are used for making things easier for blind people.

Microsoft, Apple and other technology giants are coming together to develop a Human Interface Design (HID) standard for Braille displays on technological devices. This will improve implementation of the display, reduce costs in market and empower people who are blind and have low vision.

Braille is the key to education, literacy, employment and success for blind people. Braille users can use HID at their homes, workplace and schools. The ability to quickly and easily connect Braille displays to various devices at home or workplaces is expected to be popular amongst blind people.

Blind organizations that are part of the collaboration are hopeful that this new method will improve the standard of living of blind people from across the world.

Technology unlocks many barriers. It becomes important tools for communication. This new HID will truly be a blessing to blind people and those with low vision across the world.

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