This residents' association in Hyderabad celebrates the birthdays of senior citizens every month!

How many of us care to remember or celebrate birthdays of elderly people in our families? We are often caught amidst work and other day to day activities. Hence, we forget important dates of the elderly members in our family. A residential association from Hyderabad is being an ideal example by guiding the path to care for elderly!

The Kamala Nagar Senior Citizen’s Welfare Association at AS Rao Nagar is celebrating birthdays of senior citizens on every month end! The elderly who had their birthdays in that month are brought together and felicitated with shawls and other gifts. This is indeed a very thoughtful thing from the organizers of the event.

More than 21 members celebrated their birthdays together on May end. Pavani Reddy who is the local corporator attended the event and advised the organizers to continue the tradition of celebrating birthdays. Pavani said that the association is being a role model for the next generation through their thoughtfulness and kind act.

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