This little girl has written a book for her brother with autism!

This beautiful story about sibling love is sure to melt your heart! Marin, an eight-year-old girl from a city in the United States, has written a book for her little brother, Henry. Marin and Henry share a special bond and she always looks out for him.

Henry is two years old and was recently diagnosed with autism. So, Marin decided to create something to bring him joy and comfort. Henry loves the book and prefers to carry it around with him all the time.

Marin came up with the idea to make a book for Henry herself and based it on his favorite thing, which is dinosaurs.

The book has eight drawings of dinosaurs that she has come up with. The book is called Ninos Dinos: A Book Dedicated To All Kids With Autism. The family is donating all the proceeds from the book to several autism charities.

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