How to maintain your relationships!

Relationship are not always the same! Some days they bring happiness and some days can cause stress. This happens in all relationships. The important thing is to make the relation grow stronger overtime.

Here are some things that can help you make your relationship better.

  1. Accept that all relations come with conflict. Having different opinions is natural because we all are different. In fact conflicts help us realize the importance of a relation to us. We need to take conflicts as part of relation and not as an excuse to exit it.

  2. Relations benefit from emotional growth of the people involved. Stay calm and try to be emotionally stable. Insecurities or impatience will only be destructive for the bond you are trying to make.

  3. Give and take space in a relation to keep it fresh. Do not overshadow the other person an also keep your own identity alive. If you love yourself, you will be able to give more love to the relation as well.

  4. Do not let your inner peace and happiness completely dependent on others. This will always keep you on the edge and make you dependent on others. Be in control of your own happiness as it comes from within and not external factors.

  5. Be independent in everyday tasks and do not expect too much from others.

  6. Talk about the issues you feel in a relationship. Keeping silent will not help your relation and you may end up hating yourself for keeping quite.

  7. Do let your partner know about the kind of behavior you will not be able to accept. Set boundaries to maintain your own dignity.

  8. Patience is the key to every relationship in life however, do not let this become your weakness!!

Remember you are always important and deserve happiness, love and respect.

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