Saudi teenager invents language to make reading Arabic easier for visually impaired people

Tala Aboulnaga could not have come up with a better gift in the Ramzaan month. This 14-year-old girl from Dharan in Saudi Arabia has invented a new tactile writing system for people who are visually impaired. The invention will make it easier for them to communicate with others.

Tala says she had her first experience with blind people when she joined an integrated education school. There she became friends with a blind girl, with whom she went on to develop a strong bond. The girl found it hard to read in Braille.

Tala realized that her friend longed to express herself and communicate with the world. She decided to develop a practical way to help her.

Her invention aims to be a new language that contains the formation of Arabic letters. This way blind people can read the words in tashkeel, with vowel or consonants so that the listener can understand the meanings of Arabic words.

The idea is based on the use of geometric shapes to denote the 28 Arabic letters, divided into three basic groups. Each group has specific tashkeel marks to serve blind and visually impaired people to read the Arabic words.

Tala believes that every blind person has their own way of understanding the world around them. She believes that it is not necessary for visually impaired people to interpret words the same way that we understand them.

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