Goonga Pehelwan suspended, fellow wrestlers protest

Deaf and speech impaired wrestler Virender Singh also known as the ‘Goonga Pehelwan’ is being punished for raising questions against the national federation – All India Sports Council of the Deaf (AISCD).

Virender Singh is reported to have been dropped from the World Deaf Senior Greco-Roman & Freestyle wrestling championship for bringing attention to the irregularities committed by the AISCD.

The championship is to be held in Vladimir, Russia from June 11-19. The non-inclusion of Virender’s name in the team of wrestlers going to Russia has shocked his fans and fellow wrestlers.

The wrestlers have spoken against this action and demanded that Arjuna awardee Virender’s name should be included in the team.

To show their support for Singh nine of the participating wrestlers have written to the SAI that none of them will go to the championship if Virender’s suspension is not removed.

Virender had alleged that the federation has not paid him and other participating athletes their ‘pocket allowance’ due for the 2017 Samsun Deaflympics.

This led to the federation acting against him as they claimed that the allegations are not true.

Even the sports ministry wrote to the AISCD to revoke Virender’s suspension immediately.

However, the interpreter and project officer of the federation, Ketan Shah, is demanding an apology from Virender first.

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