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Mother of brain dead child with autism is fighting to keep him alive

June 3, 2018

Rumpa Banerjee is the mother of a child with autism and is currently fighting in US courts to try and keep her child alive.

Rumpa's 14-year-old son Areen Chakraborty is currently brain-dead and is on life support in a Philadelphia hospital.

However, the hospital wants to remove Areen from life support as the state laws do not allow brain dead patient to be kept alive on life support system.

Rumpa's house had caught fire in April and Areen had walked towards the fire and inhaled large amount of smoke causing brain damage.

Rumpa has appealed to several courts requesting that Areen should be allowed to be admitted to a New Jersey hospital where he can continue living.

Her plea is up for hearing soon and the desperate mother is hoping that the ruling will be in her favour. Surprisingly it was the New Jersey hospital that had initially advised to move Areen to the Philadelphia hospital.

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