Youngsters at risk of going deaf from excessive earphone usage, says experts

Are you someone who enjoys watching your favourite songs and videos on earphones? Beware, you are at the risk of going deaf.

According to experts, the young generation is at the risk of going deaf due to hearing music excessively on earphones. Studies have pointed out that increased usage of headphones and smartphones over the last one decade has led to hearing loss amongst a lot of youngsters across the world.

Experts say that excessive usage of headphones and hearing a jumbo jet take off right next to you causes the same amount of damage to your ears.

Doctors say that most of the youngsters visit a doctor by the time the damage to their ears are irreparable. By then, patients can also be advised to prevent further hearing loss.

Today, a huge chunk of the world population suffers from hearing loss. This is indeed a global issue. It is high time that youngsters take care of their health by reducing the hours of listening to earphones.

Earphone manufacturers also have a responsibility of making youngsters aware of its harmful effects. They must print warning labels on the packs and urge people to use only good quality earphones.

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