Protect yourself from sunburns this summer, warns experts

Monsoon is all set to hit different parts of India. But many cities in North India are still under the grip of intense heat and summer. Do you ensure that your skin is safe from dangerous sunburns? Protecting your skin from the dangerous ultra-violet rays (UV rays) that leads to sunburns are very important this summer season.

Doctors have pointed out that many people, mainly children and elderly, are prone to sunburns easily. It can cause serious damages to the skin. Even though sunscreens provide protection to a large extent, sunburns can be prevented only through taking up more measures for safety.

  • Apply a dermatological tested sunscreen that is suggested by a doctor.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to prevent further damage to the skin.
  • Cover your faces while going out. Whether you are riding a bike or walking out in the sun, make sure you protect your face from the harmful UV rays so that you are not sunburnt.
  • Refrain from going outside during afternoons. That is when UV rays are at its peak. It can only cause more damage to your skin.

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