Mumbai gets first pre-monsoon showers, 3 dies of electrocution

Goodbye to summer woes. Monsoon is slowly gripping Mumbai city!

Mumbai received its first pre-monsoon showers on Saturday evening. But three people from across Mumbai lost their lives due to electrocution.

32-year-old Anil Yadav, 9-year-old Zara Yunus Khan, and 23 year old Om Fadtare died after they came in contact with live wires.

Services of local trains, flights, and even normal traffic were affected across Mumbai. There was heavy water-logging in different parts of the city that led to heavy traffic. Local trains were stopped due to overhead wire tripping.

The runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport was shut down for a brief time. Flights were delayed and some of them were diverted as well.

Officials said that the city can expect heavy showers for the next three days. An early monsoon is also predicted.

The tall clouds that were formed due to the intense heat from the land over the past few days caused the sudden showers. The temperature in South Mumbai was 35 degree Celsius during the day. It came down to 26 degree Celsius after the showers.

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