WhatsApp group is helping change views about Down syndrome In India

Technology can help in breaking barriers and creating awareness about disabilities. Awareness is vital to dispel the social stigma about people with disabilities and their conditions.

A similar feat has been achieved through WhatsApp by the parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Delhi Trisomy 21 is the name of a WhatsApp group that is managed by Ranjan Sharma. Through the group Ranjan stays in contact with parents of other disabled children.

Ranjan decided to help other parents when his own daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome in 2003.

He noticed that there was a lack of useful information regarding Down syndrome. He did research and found that children with Down syndrome are capable of growth and development through proper care and therapy.

Ranjan was inspired to help out other parents and now uses the group to achieve that purpose. He answers queries of other parents and shares useful information with them.

The WhatsApp group has been quite instrumental in clearing the misconceptions about Down syndrome and changing the view of people about it.

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