Alagapa University now owns an artificial limb production and Braille audio book production unit

Not many colleges or universities go over board to help their disabled students. But looks like, the Alagappa University is all set to be a trend-setter!

Alagappa University at Karaikudi will now host an exclusive artificial limb production unit and a Braille and audio book production unit. The units will be functioning under their Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Science.

The department teaches more than 74 disabled students. They also offer special education courses and have an exclusive innovative resource school for disabled students. The department provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services as well.

The sole aim of starting their own production unit is to provide facilities to their disabled students in the campus! Some of the students have loco motor problems. They require splints, modified shoes and callipers. They also plan to manufacture artificial limbs, braces, shoes and other orthotics and prosthetic adaptive devices.

The printed books will be converted to Braille and audio by using technological scanners and reader devices. The Braille embosser will also be used in order to help students who are blind or has low vision.

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