Brain Cholesterol can lead to Alzheimer's, says new study

Millions of people across the world are affected by Alzheimer’s. No cure has been found for this disease that usually affects the elderly. Over the years, scientists and experts have been studying ways to treat Alzheimer’s.

A recent study has found out that cholesterol plays an important role in Alzheimer’s. Cholesterols are usually identified with cardiovascular diseases. This new research throws light on the connection between cholesterol and Alzheimer’s.

Cholesterol triggers the formation of amyloid-beta protein, which is the main component in the formation of Alzheimer’s. Presence of this component can even lead to death of brain cells.

The amyloid beta molecules stick to the lipid cell membranes that lead to cholesterol in the brain. Since they are already stuck close to each other, they start to aggregate at a higher level. Researchers say that presence of cholesterol can add to the aggregation by 20 times!

Hence, it is important, especially for the elderly, to keep a check on their health. They must ensure that their cholesterol levels are in not high so that they can stay away from many diseases including Alzheimer's.

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