Not just adults, even children are affected by strokes!

A person can be affected by stroke any time, especially during old age. A stroke happens when the supply of blood to the brain is either interrupted or reduced.

A recent study has found out that it is not just old people, but even children can be affected by stroke!

Nine year old Ananya was diagnosed with the condition when she was in school. Her parents failed to identify the problem. But her school teacher noticed that Ananya falls tired very soon. She was not even able to lift her bag or carry any kind of weight. Once, she fell down after losing her coordination.

Upon further tests and treatment, doctors realised that Ananya had a block in her arteries. Specific areas of her brain had stopped receiving blood supply. She was a victim of acute arterial ischemic stroke.

Ananya could be saved because she was diagnosed on time, and her parents ensured that she gets the right treatment from the right places.

Parents must be wary of their child’s health. Changing lifestyle patterns and environmental conditions have made children fall prey to many diseases.

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