Elderly Indian couple going to Russia for their 10th live FIFA World Cup experience

The love of sports knows no age limit and this stands true for an elderly couple from Kolkata!

85 year old Pannalal Chatterjee and his wife Chaitali Chatterjee who is 76 years of age, are both avid football fan.

They have attended the past 9 editions of the FIFA World Cup. The couple travels to the country that is hosting the FIFA World Cup to watch the matches live.

This time too they are ready to go to Russia to watch the 10th FIFA World Cup.

To ensure that they are able to afford the travel expenses, the Chatterjees live a simple life and try and save money for the trips.

Traveling abroad does not come cheap and so the couple saves money by spending little.

This year they have been able to save just enough money to be able to watch three matches only.

The Chatterjees have written to the FIFA authorities and appealed that they be provided tickets for more matches.

FIFA has not yet responded to their request but the couple is hopeful that everything will work out.

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