Delhi government to provide vocational training for beggars

Living a life by begging on the streets is dreadful. India is home to millions of beggars who earn a living only by begging. Isn’t it high time that this changes? Looks like, the Delhi government is doing their bit to make the lives of beggars better!

Delhi government is all set to provide vocational training to beggars so that they can lead a dignified life by earning a living. Roadside beggars will be given classes in tailoring, handicrafts and other skills so that they can earn money and stop begging.

According to the government plan, people living in beggar homes in Delhi will be provided training. Those who have enrolled will get Rs 250 per day in order to take care of their daily expenses. They will also be provided with identity cards.

Those who complete the vocational training successfully will be provided with a sewing machine under the government scheme.

A few months ago, the government of Maharashtra had come up with a similar scheme.

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