Unrest in Shillong continues, curfew imposed in many areas

A few days back, a Punjabi woman and a bus driver who belongs to the Khasi community had an argument at Shillong over the parking spot for a bus. The quarrel escalated and now there is a huge unrest among the Khasi community and Punjabis in Shillong!

According to latest reports, Khasi community has asked Punjabis to move out of Shillong. More than 700 residents of Shillong’s Punjabi line area are facing threats from the Khasi majority.

A curfew has been inflicted in Shillong and incidents of violence have been reported from many parts. Army has also been deployed in different parts of Shillong.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma has said that peace will be restored in the Shillong soon. Even though he cannot give a particular date, Sangma ensured that the situation will be better in the coming days.

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) is sending their representatives to Shillong in order to resolve the unrest at the earliest.

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