Monsoons to hit western parts of India, floods expected in South India

Monsoons have entered India in full-swing. Providing a respite to intense summer, monsoon has hit the southern and western parts of India already! Weather reports confirm that northern India will still be under the grip of heat in the days to come.

Monsoon is developing in the Bay of Bengal, and is expected to lash out in different parts of India. Andhra Pradesh and parts of Odisha are under threat of flooding. Western parts of India can expect more rainfall in the coming days.

The recent downpour at Mumbai on Saturday saturated the entire city. Local trains, traffic and flights were affected due to the heavy downpour. Mumbai can now expect more rains, starting from the coming weekend.

Monsoon is at its peak in Kerala. Though there have been no reports of deaths or floods in the state, rains are only going to intensity in Kerala.

Three people at Udupi in Karnataka died due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Reports point out that thunderstorms and heavy rains will slowly move towards north-eastern India soon.

Storms are expected to hit Uttar Pradesh and Bihar leading to rainfall. Already, more than thirty people across India have lost their lives due to the heavy rains and thunderstorms.

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