Poor sleep is more than just a health issue, it could cost a country billions!

Lack of sleep is a major health problem, as we all know. Most of us skip a good night’s sleep to catch up on a deadline or to surf online.

Now a new study says that this is not just bad for health, but can add up to massive economic losses for a country!

Many countries around the world are losing billions due to this health problem. Health care, productivity losses caused by a person, vehicle accidents due to lack of good sleep, welfare payments, and non-financial costs of a person’s well being are all affected due to this health concern!

This new study was conducted by a group of researchers from Australia. They pointed out that at least one out of five people in the world have inadequate sleep. The losses incurred by developed and developing countries in the world due to this health problem is a major cause of concern.

Lack of sleep leads to the inability to stay focussed. The person will not have good attention, motivation or memory due to loss of sleep.

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