Geeta to decide on husband at a swayamvar this week

Geeta, the deaf and speech impaired girl who made news after she returned from Pakistan, will get to select her husband at a swayamvar of sorts that will be held this week. The line of suitors she has shortlisted will be presented to her at a two-day event in Indore on 7-8 June.

Geeta will meet 14 candidates shortlisted by her and the administration. Six of them have no disabilities. Officials have said that the bride and groom must like each other, and that the matching of horoscopes is not important.

Geeta has set a condition that she will marry only if the suitor completes a diploma course in sign language.

Geeta's matrimonial advertisement was was posted on Facebook in April. It attracted around 60 marriage applications. Men from across India, including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat sent their proposals.

All the proposals and CVs were sent to the External Affairs Ministry. Out of this, 26 candidates were finalized. Then Geeta further shortlisted 15 for the meeting.

On the first day, six persons have been called, and eight on the second. One of the men, who has a leg disability, has already met Geeta. Of the 14 suitors invited to meet Geeta, seven are deaf and speech impaired while the eighth has a physical disability.

Geeta was found alone on the train, Samjhauta Express, at Lahore when she was seven or eight years old. It is believed that she accidentally boarded the train somewhere in India. A Karachi-based organization called Edhi Foundation took care of her while she lived in Pakistan. She returned to India in 2015.

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